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Welcome to the LIC/LISMA Language Center, where you can find a unique approach to your linguistic needs. The LIC/LISMA Language Center is a leader in providing English as a second language program for corporate executives and private citizens throughout the United States and around the world. The program is designed for non-native speakers who wish to improve their English skills for their business or personal use. Each course will help you meet your needs, incorporating the vocabulary specifically needed for your communication goals. The ESL program offers courses in written and oral communication. All of our instructors are chosen according to their qualifications and experiences. Through our courses, students develop their academic potential and will be able to succeed in any academic institution in the United States.



If you live inside the US as a lawful permanent resident or citizen, please follow the easy five-step application process described below.

Step 1:

Fill-out and submit an application form and pay all of the required fees. There is a $100 non-refundable application fee. Full tuition must be submitted when an applicant applies to the LIC/LISMA Language School.

Step 2:

Submit the following necessary documents:

– Copy of US passport valid for a remainder of at least 6 months or Green Card

– Copy of highest diploma or transcript (minimum High School Diploma/Transcript)

– Copy of Driver’s License

*All documents must be in English.


Receive an Acceptance Letter from LIC/LISMA Language School


Report to LIC/LISMA Language School to complete registration. When you report to the school, you will be asked to do the following:

– Placement Exam

– Student Orientation

– Enrollment Agreement


Begin your studies!

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