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LIC/LISMA Language Center offers high-quality language instruction at an affordable price. The tuition per semester varies according to student’s individual needs and preferences. Please refer to the charts below as a general guideline. 

Fall/Spring Semesters

Refund Policy​
First Term
Subsequent Term
Refund Policy​

A student who cancels within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement receives all monies returned with the exception of the non-refundable registration fee of $ 100. Thereafter, a student will be liable for: The non-refundable registration fee plus the cost of any textbook or supplies accepted plus tuition liability as of the student’s last date of physical attendance.

*Tuition liability is divided by the number of terms in the program. Total tuition liability is limited to the term during which the student withdrew or was terminated and any previous terms completed.

*In case of course closure due to insufficient registrants: 100 % tuition will be refunded.

*Application fee & class material fees are non-refundable and will not be included in your refund calculation.

*Failure to notify the director in writing of withdrawal may result in a delay of a refund due pursuant to section 5002 of the Education Law.

Term(s) Refund Policy (Summer)
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